Greeting from CEO!

Thank you for visiting our company.

I am Ha Binh Dinh – CEO of ABBS Vietnam Co., Ltd.

I’m a graduate of the University of Law. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work with multinational organizations and corporations and especially had time to study and work in Singapore, Japan, and Germany.

Japan and Germany are known as well-developed countries, with leading technology and industry. Therefore, what can Vietnamese businesses change to become world-recognized like them? I soon came up with a solution to this question. By changing mindsets, building trust, and achieving satisfaction, we set the critical guidelines for delivering high-quality products and services. Moreover, investing in technological advancement is the right direction to help Vietnamese businesses quickly become long-term partners with international companies.

With that in mind, ABBS Vietnam was founded in 2017 by like-minded acquaintances.

ABBS Vietnam looks forward to receiving the support, encouragement, and cooperation from you.

Our Vision

To become Vietnam’s professional provider of state-of-the-art environmentally friendly electrical systems. Bringing consultation, installation and maintenance services, along with satisfaction to our customer.

Our Mission

We opted for a customer-centric business approach. Our core values are based on the customer trust, security and satisfaction to empower our company’s development.

Let’s change the world!

In recent years, integrating with the development of new and green technologies alongside environmental programs to protect the Earth’s ecosystem, ABBS has been contributing to create a green, clean and modern energy environment through its products and services in cooperation with partners around the world.