Will solar power work after a hurricane?

During a hurricane, it’s common to have many questions about how to get ready, how to get through the storm, and most importantly, what to do after. You’re also probably wondering how hurricanes will affect solar panels. Keep reading to learn more about what happens with your solar panels during and after a hurricane.

Solar panels against hurricane forces

Here’s the good news: Solar panels are built to withstand the effects of hurricanes. And our installers are trained to complete your installation properly and securely.

By using bolts screwed directly into the roof beams and sealed with extra care, the panels on your roof can withstand tremendous uplift forces. Chances are, if your solar panel system is damaged from hurricane-force winds, it’s likely you have more than your solar panels that need attention.

Will my panels stay safe?

Solar panels are built strong, and they go through many tests to make sure they withstand the powerful forces of nature. POWERHOME’s solar panels are known to last. If you need an example, read the story about our ground-mounted solar system, which survived area winds of 100 miles per hour.

Plus, having your solar panels added to your homeowners insurance policy will protect you from any truly catastrophic event. That should give you additional peace of mind when it comes to your solar panels.

Keeping the lights on after a hurricane

During and after the hurricane, power outages are to be expected. Keep in mind, you should never attempt to repair or inspect your solar panels after a storm. Don’t get on your roof, and never touch any loose or displaced panels or wires. The high voltages that travel through them can be deadly.

If there’s a power outage, solar systems connected to the grid are programmed to shut down. This is to keep those working on the grid safe from any returning energy your solar panels might otherwise send to the grid. However, there are ways to keep your lights on after a hurricane and stay safe.

Enter the solar energy battery. Even though your solar system is connected to the grid, your solar battery works like a virtual power bank that can help keep your lights on, even when there’s a power outage in your area. The solar battery will be set up so it does not backfeed any energy to the grid, and your solar panels will continue generating power for your home. Any excess energy produced will go to the battery only.

The battery that POWERHOME Solar installs allows you to choose three critical loads you wish to energize during an outage. For example, those could be your refrigerator, your sump pump and your stove. However, during a hurricane, power outages can go on for days. Do your best to use your solar energy wisely.

Got questions?

We understand you probably still have more questions about how to make sure your solar panels are still working after a hurricane. For more information and answers to specific questions related to your solar panel system, call us anytime to speak with a solar expert, who will be more than happy to help.